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The Ultimate Road Trip with Woody’s Bacon

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The Ultimate Road Trip with Woody’s Bacon


With spring in full swing, it means that summer is just around the corner. And we all know what that means: the festive season is almost upon us!  Yes, this year has sprinted by quicker than Caster Semenya at any given event, but there is still some time to soak in the beauty of our country embarking on a road trip.  Of course, there are two essential elements: food and music.

So, we’ve decided to make a few culinary and sonic suggestions for you and your travel buddies. The best part? All the snacks/ meals are super easy to make, so you can prepare them in time the day before your epic journey begins.

  1. Breakfast: Snack: Bacon, Cheddar and Chives Scones

So, you and your pals hit the road before the crack of dawn to get an early start and avoid traffic. You have quite the distance ahead of you before the first pitstop, which means you need some hearty sustenance to keep you going. Our suggestion? Some wholesome scones, which you can make the day before.  It’s an ideal breakfast to fill those tummies and prepare you for the journey

Suggested track: We can’t think of a better record to get those spirits high than Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’s mega-hit ‘ Old Town Road’.

  1. Mid-morning snack: Grilled Mielies with Bacon Butter

If you and your road trip friends have a braai the night before, we suggest you throw some mielies on the grill. And while you’ll be tempted to tuck into them right there and then, we suggest you add them to your padkos stash. So, after your breakfast and few kilometres on the road, pull over for a break somewhere safe- preferably with some stunning views around you-stretch your legs and munch on one of these.

Background music: To add to the ambience and the mood, we think you should press play on Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’ as you take in the scenic surroundings.

  1. Lunch-time feast: Bacon Cheese Griller Hotdogs

By now your stomach should be rumbling and wondering when it’s getting its next top-up. After all, there’s more than just the petrol tank that needs filling up. So, for lunch- how about these updated and super delicious hotdogs? Forget the boring tomato sauce and mustard topping, be a little more adventurous with options like mustard egg mayo with bacon bits and herbed cream and beetroot kraut.

What’s on the playlist? Hotdogs are a classic meal, so why not press play on a local classic in the form of Freshlyground’s infectious chart-topper ‘Doo Be Doo’?

  1. Afternoon nibble: Bacon and Maple Cupcakes

With a few hours of driving behind you, you will need something sweet as a pick-me-up!  And, who doesn’t love a tasty cupcake that’s topped with Woody’s bacon and deliciously complemented with maple notes.

Which tune? It’s always great to add some Johnny Clegg to a road trip playlist and honour is an incredible legacy.

  1. Dinner: The Ultimate Mac ‘n Cheese


As the sun dips below the horizon, you should be nearing your destination by now. Of course, no one wants to hit the kitchen after a long journey. We suggest you pre-pack some wholesome mac ‘n cheese and heat it at your new home for the next few days. It’s the perfect comfort food to top off your trip.

Winding down track:  For this, you need some chilled acoustic music to help you relax, while you tuck into mac n cheese. Enjoy some Jack Johnson!

Have a great holiday with Woody’s!

Once you are settled, you may want to hit up that braai again, so here are 4 Sensational Woody’s Summer Dishes.

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