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Can Bacon Be Part of a Healthy Diet?

Updated: Mar 6

Can Bacon Be Part of a Healthy Diet?


Many people wonder whether bacon can be part of a healthy diet. Various experts believe that there are many benefits to adding bacon to your meal plan. We already know that bacon can fit seamlessly into a low-carb/high-fat diet as well and keto eating plans. And yes, bacon can be enjoyed in a healthy, balanced diet.

At Woody’s Brands, we only make premium bacon that is ethically sourced, so we don’t cut corners when it comes to quality. What’s more, we have a range of gluten-free products that can also form part of a healthy lifestyle strategy, and all of our bacon is completely MSG-free – this is a first in South Africa, by the way.

We take a look at whether bacon can be part of a healthy diet:

  1. Get a boost with pork protein – Having bacon with your breakfast is a great way to get your energy levels up and ready for the day ahead. The protein found in pork can give you that much-needed boost. You will be well equipped to tackle that gym routine!

  2. Take the pressure off – Various studies have shown that using bacon in your diet, albeit in moderation, of course, works towards lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Ultimately, this works towards preventing heart disease and diabetes.

  3. Cutting out the bad fats – Did you know that bacon has less saturated fat and cholesterol than a lot of popular beef or chicken cuts? While fish contains less fat and cholesterol than bacon, it also contains mercury (a harmful toxin). So, again, bacon can be used to tap into high protein / low carb energy.

  4. Get those essentials – With substantial amounts of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Zinc, Magnesium and more, bacon provides many essential vitamins and minerals that are super useful when trying to maintain a healthy body.

  5. Body and mind – Keeping your brain healthy is just as, if not more, important than embracing an active lifestyle. Thanks to it containing a nutrient called “choline”, bacon can help increase your memory and intelligence.

  6. The joy of eating bacon – We shouldn’t underestimate the power of eating delicious food. It can reduce stress levels, put a smile on your face, and help you rediscover a positive mindset.

Preparing bacon also plays an important role in determining whether or not bacon can fit into a healthy eating plan and lifestyle. According to dietitian and Food Network contributor Dana Angelo, “Choosing the right preparation will help ensure that a sensible amount of bacon sizzles up any recipe”.

Choose the Best and Healthy Ways to Cook Bacon

1. Roast

Place strips of bacon on a baking rack and roast at 200-degrees for 15 to 20 minutes until cooked through. It will be the perfect combination of crispy, tender and chewy. Serve with eggs, pancakes or French toast.

2. Fry

Fry chopped pieces of bacon until the little morsels are crisp and caramelised. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Use the renderings to sauté onions, kale or shredded Brussels sprouts; add cooked bacon back to the dish at the very end. This method is perfect for vegetable side dishes, egg dishes and risotto.

3. Microwave

There’s a right and wrong way to cook bacon in the microwave. To do it correctly, place 3 to 4 slices on a microwave-safe plate lined with a paper towel (be careful not to crowd the plate). Cook for 2 to 4 minutes, depending on your microwave until just cooked through; allow to rest for 1 minute. Use these strips for sandwiches and wraps, or crumble them and sprinkle over a salad.

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