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Budget-Friendly Meals with Woody’s Bacon

Updated: Mar 3

Budget-Friendly Meals with Woody’s Bacon

There couldn’t be a better time for you to look into whipping up some budget-friendly meals. Why? Well,  because you’ll want to save some pennies for the festive season so that you can make the most of it. But, of course, we are not talking about your average instant noodles dinner: we talking about tasty and flavourful meals that still pack a punch, but won’t break the bank.

So, let’s get to it…

1.Bacon Toastie with Poached Eggs

Yes, this is a classic, but it’s also a tried and tested favourite that won’t make a dent in your bank account.  Of course, the combination of the tasty and creamy egg and the crispy and smoky Woody’s bacon is quite a luxurious taste experience.  And, let’s be honest, this is the perfect way to start your day!

2. Gluten-free Brunch Frittata

Just because you are penny-pinching, doesn’t mean that you cannot whip up something low-carb and gluten-free. This recipe is perfect for using all those leftover veggies in the fridge and combining them with a few other tasty items, like Woody’s Gluten-Free Smoked Cheese Viennas.

3. Bacon and Zucchini Pasta

Budget-Friendly Meals with Woody’s Bacon

We all know that a pasta dish is a go-to option when cash flow is running on low, but, again, that doesn’t mean it needs to be bland and uninspired. With some chopped Woody’s bacon, zucchini, basic seasoning and a few other ingredients, you will end up with a filling and delicious meal (p.s: if you double the quantities, you can use it for some pocket-friendly meal prep!)

4.  Bacon and Cheese Griller Hotdogs

Budget-Friendly Meals with Woody’s Bacon

Summer and hotdogs go hand in hand, so these are a perfect lunch option for balmy days next to the pool. And, while our versions call for a range of lip-smackingly tasty toppings, you can keep it basic for now, and experiment again when your bank account is a little healthier.

5. Bacon and Banana Flapjacks

A little sweetness is always welcome when you are holding back on the spending, right?  Well, then all the more reason to mix up a batch of flapjacks topped with Woody’s Streaky Bacon and banana. And the proverbial cherry on top? A drizzling of syrup and a dusting of icing sugar!

So, there you have it: budget-friendly meals with Woody’s bacon that don’t hold back on flavour.

Planning to hit the road this festive season? Have a look at how to go about having the Ultimate Road Trip with Woody’s Bacon.

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