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5 Lunch Box Ideas with Bacon Snacks and Treats

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

5 Lunch Box Ideas with Bacon Snacks and Treats


The days of peanut butter sandwiches and an apple as lunch box staples are long gone. Parents are now looking for exciting and tasty ways to make their children’s school meals more than just a little bit of sustenance to get them through the day. Of course, at Woody’s, we’re all about taste adventures and exploring social media for ideas, so we decided to combine those two elements and compile some lunch box ideas with bacon snacks and treats.

1. Spinach and Bacon Mini Quiches

These tasty bite-sized snacks will fit snugly in any lunch box. The spinach and bacon combo is a classic and perfect for your child’s school meal. What’s more, you can sneak in a few extra quiches into the lunch box so that your child can share the goodness with their close friends during break time.  We also love how these quiches are balanced with the some fresh fruit for a healthy element!

2. Chopped Egg and Bacon Sandwiches

We are not completely against good ol’ sandwiches.  Try swapping the tried, tested (and boring) peanut butter with some beautifully season, flavourful chopped egg and, of course, smoky bacon bits. Top tip: we recommend you use the Woody’s Premium Diced Bacon for the sarmies!

3. Double Cheese and Bacon Rolls

If there was ever one true match made in heaven, it would be bacon and cheese.  These out-of-this-world rolls will certainly satisfy your little one’s taste buds and hunger pangs. The added carb element will ensure they have enough energy to play with their pals and engage in any physical activities.

4. Mini Pancakes and Bacon Strips

This is such a great idea- with these little pancakes, syrup and bacon strips, your child can build their own yummy lunch!  Of course, with this idea being on the sweeter side of things, it might be a good idea to surprise your child with this lunch box idea once every few months.

5. Bacon and Choc Chip Cookies

Want to be your kid’s favourite parent? Well, we have an idea: sneak one of these mouth-wateringly delicious cookies into their lunch box. Check out the Woody’s Bacon and Chocolate Chip recipe to help you whip up a batch in no time.

So with all the inspiration going around, there’s no shortage of lunch box ideas.  Your children’s school experience will now just have that extra special touch!

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