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5 Bacon lunch box ideas for the office

Updated: Mar 3

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a candle-lit dinner and some red roses; or a romantic movie and cuddles on the couch. But, you can add a little something extra and really impress your significant other with an out-of-the-box date. There is always room to go against the grain and try something new, right? So, to help you make a bold statement, we’ve come up with unique and adventurous date ideas.

1. Go on a scenic hike and have a picnic

Let’s make outdoor dates a thing! Why not embark on a beautiful stroll amongst the

local flora to try something a little different and force you out of your comfort zone (i.e. your couch!)

What’s more, you can pack a picnic with some of your partner’s favourite snacks. Here are some meal ideas with a Woody’s bacon twist (if you need a little inspiration) and have a romantic lunch out in nature.

2. Enjoy a pottery or ceramics class together

If you’ve seen the famous pottery scene in Ghost, you know that there can be a sensual element to throwing clay (we are facetious, of course). But seriously, why not try your hand at this age-old practice with your partner? It’s certainly something different, and you will leave the session with something you crafted. You can both look at your souvenirs and be reminded of a unique date.

3. Embark on a mini road trip

In the mood for a change of scenery and adventure? Then hop into your car with that special someone and hit the road. Plan the trip so that you stop often and have the opportunity to do some exploring. Whether it’s through small towns or national parks, you will definitely find something exciting and unique to do and see. We’ve even done some of the planning for you, with our Ultimate Road Trip with Woody’s.

4. Go skydiving and, literally, fall in love!

If you really want to get that adrenaline pumping, and try something thrilling, pitch the idea of this exhilarating activity. Just imagine what kind of memory this will be? Skydiving will be a bonding experience like no other! Talk about a unique and adventurous date idea!

5. An impressive bacon and beer pairing at home

If you prefer more of a taste adventure, then impress your lover with this unique culinary experience. We all know the tried and tested cheese and wine pairing, but this puts an added and exciting twist on things. (P.S: you don’t have to do any research: our 5 Must-Try Bacon and Beer Pairings is your ultimate cheat sheet.

And just like that, you have 5 unique and adventurous date ideas to choose from and show your love for your partner in a creative and fun way.

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