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  • Do you do deliveries?
    Unfortunately, we do not.
  • Can I buy online?
    Unfortunately, we do not sell online.
  • Did Woody's rebrand as Blockman?
    No, we did not. Woody’s Brands is still the same brand and we sell our products from our factory shop in George as well as supplying various retail chains and stockists, such as Checkers, Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Food Lovers Market, Blockman, Molare, etc.
  • Complaints about Blockman stores or Woody’s products bought at Blockman stores.
    Blockman is not a Woody’s brand and therefore Woody’s cannot provide Blockman information. Please contact them directly on
  • Can I buy bulk for reselling purposes?
    Of course, you can 😊 Please contact the George shop directly at Tel. 044 050 3212, Whatsapp: 0746 545 3486, Email:
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