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Bacon Toasties with Poached Eggs

This classic combination won’t disappoint! Bacon toasties with poached eggs is the true breakfast of champions.



  1. Spread the bacon evenly on a baking tray and grill at 180˚C, turning once, until golden brown.
  2. Bring the water and vinegar to the boil in a pot and stir to create a whirlpool.
  3. One by one, crack the eggs into a cup and gently pour into the swirling water.
  4. Lower the heat and poach until the egg whites are cooked (± 2 minutes).
  5. Lift the eggs out with a slotted spoon or spatula.
  6. Place the grilled bacon on the toasted bread and top with the poached eggs and pecorino shavings.
  7. Season with salt & pepper.
  8. Garnish the bacon toasties with poached eggs, with rocket leaves and serve hot.


bacon toasties with poached eggs recipe