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For the tastiest and most succulent bacon and smoked pork products, look no further than right here at home: South Africa.

We know because we travelled the globe searching for inspiration for crafting the perfect cured meats and we’ve learnt from the masters. By combining age-old recipes with leading food technology and adding dashes of our unique home-grown flavours, we’ve created an irresistible range of premium specialty meats.

At Woody’s we pride ourselves on sourcing meat from trusted farms that practice ethical farming methods and insist that the animals are reared with their well-being top of mind.

You can expect locally crafted bacon and smoked pork products that combine traditional methods with the latest innovations and deliver the bold flavour we are known for!


Woody’s is an innovative food brand, dedicated to bringing delicious ethically sourced, locally crafted smoked pork products to South African tables.

We are Adventurous, Bold, Authentic and Fun. Our sense of adventure and bravery is conveyed through the Woody’s story and it's one that emphasizes the need to never give up, follow your dreams, do what you love and live life to the fullest!

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